You may always wonder how it can be that tough to reduce wrinkles and prolong your youth (and health!). It not only requires time, attention but knowledge and self-discipline as well, since you are supposed to properly organize your daily meals and do workouts on a regular basis. Simply by adding the following 05 anti-wrinkle fruits to your fun meals every day. You can check Fat Diminisher System:

Supper Fruits

#1 Blueberry:

Blueberries, loaded with antioxidants and anthocyanin, deactivate enzymes to build collagen matrix and to clean up free radicals. Their anthocyanin are proved to battle oxidative stress – one of the direct causes of aging problems. . In addition, this fruit supplies your complexion with umpteen vitamin C and vitamin A, both of which contributes to a glowing and elastic skin. Being low in sugar, they serve as a good “guilty” pleasure when your body is restricted using sugar once you turn 30s, since sugar is a huge threat to your overall health and beauty longevity. You should, however, consume them in a moderate amount twice or three times per week.

#2 Avocado:

Avocados provide healthy fats that you can consume without worries, including monounsaturated fat. It is used as a moisturizer for the epidermal layer of your skin and helps those often suffering dryness. Vitamins and antioxidant carotenoids found in this fruit function as a shield of your body against environment factors and ultraviolet lights. They are also beneficial in prevention of cancer and stroke risks.

#3 Tomato:

Tomatoes is undoubtedly the key to a youthful glowing skin, even researches prove that regular and adequate consumption of tomato per week will gain you a baby skin when you turn 30. Their vitamin C, A, K, B1, B6, etc. as well as other nutrients keep ultraviolet rays away, minimize wrinkles and delay aging process. They enable your complexion to get oxygen and thus reduce risks of skin cancer.

#4 Grape

Antioxidants in grapes neutralize free radicals that results in premature ageing process. Grapes are also rich in Vitamin E which moisturizes and soften your skin, plus exfoliate dead cells, so that your complexion will be toned up. Resveratrol extracted from the grape’s skin offsets inflammation and protect our complexion against damage of UV lights.

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It seems redundant for a rider to know what his motorcycle headgear is composed of. Yet you should not overlook this, since your better understanding of its structure probably leads to better use and treatment (and greater durability, then). Moreover, you should get yourself equipped with such information if you want to make a sensible choice on your future motorcycle helmet.


This article will walk you through a full-face helmet from outside. A headgear’s basic construction is consisted of the following parts.

Rigid Outer Shell is such an indispensable part that covers the rider’s top and protect it from impact, crash or accidents. It is mostly made of molded ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) materials, including fiberglass and carbon fiber. This shell is designed to spread the force over your head area so your skull will less hurt or break in case of any impact or accident. It also helps avert the internal padding from being exposed to the weather and wearing away.

EPS Liner (Expanded Polystyrene) is placed beneath the Outer Shell, with the aim to lessen the kinetic forces over the head in case the shell fails to take it all. Also sense of comfort is a benefit of this component on the head and ears with its foam layer.

Retention System lies in a helmet’s chin straps typically made from nylon and attached to the wearer’s ear cups. This set of straps ensures the hard hat’s stability and thus secure your life. Double D-ring or quick release buckle sewn to the left strap is used to fasten them. Some people find it a little complicated to get used to double D-rings rather than buckles, yet that is also the reason why they are considered better since it’s hard for them to come off.

Face Shields or Visors are made from polycarbonate plastics and can be colored, tinted, or clear. Why are they important? They ensure to keep your eyes as well as your face unharmed against flying dust, twig, and gravel, etc. or harsh sun light. They also require regular cleaning. Depending on what type of helmet you invest in, there are ones not equipped with visors; in that case, all you need to do is to buy a separate pair of glass.

Air vents supply ventilation inside a motorcycle helmet, letting air pass into and around the rider’s head. While open-face helmets typically utilize a simple air duct on the forehead, full-face ones use air ducts on the chin bar. Today, upgraded helmets have air vents located on different spots, from sides of the chin bar, the face shield, to the top of the helmet.

Above-mentioned pieces of information hope to bring you a good overview of a motorcycle helmet’s construction. Hope you will have better understanding of what you have or will buy soon and can make the best use of it on the road.


How to Reduce Car Insurance Rates After Marriage

You might already know that when you are younger than 25, you pay more for auto insurance than a person older than 25. But here’s an insurance statistic that you might not know about but that you should find interesting if you are married: Insurance companies sometimes offer cheaper insurance to married couples who are under 25 compared with single people under 25. Young married people tend to drive more carefully than young single people. Even older people who are married might get a better auto insurance rate than when they were single.

Marriage Discount

It will cost you more to insure two cars than one, but many car insurance companies give a multiple-car discount to married couples, no matter your age, so you will pay less per car. Besides being a lower-risk driver in the eyes of insurance companies when you are married, most insurance companies are interested in forming a lifelong relationship with you, insuring your future cars and, someday, the cars of your children.



Before you start the ball rolling with your insurance company regarding married couple car insurance, verify that you will save money that way. Being married doesn’t mean that you need to be on the same policy as your spouse. It’s optional. You can be married and maintain separate car insurance policies. Sometimes, you are better off to keep your policies separate. If your spouse has a bad driving record and is considered a high-risk driver, you might pay more for your insurance if you put your names together on one policy. If your spouse has received several tickets for moving violations, has been in car accidents or has been arrested for driving under the influence, don’t go for a married couple policy. Wait until your spouse has a clean record.

Buying Married Couple Insurance

It’s easy to buy married couple car insurance. After you get married, call your insurance agent. If you both have different insurance companies, call both of them. Tell your agent that you are now married and that you want to know what he or she can do for you regarding a marriage discount if you add your spouse to your policy. Do the same with your spouse’s insurance agent, compare rates, and go with the better deal. If neither company offers you a particularly good discount, shop around and ask different carriers.

2 General Rules of Thumb

If you are serious about budgeting now that you’re married, your mindset should be how you can pay less across the board, and auto insurance can be a significant part of your budget.

  1. The type of car you drive can have a profound effect on your insurance rate. If your spouse is driving an expensive sports car, have a heart-to-heart about selling it to buy something more practical. Maybe the expensive-to-insure Audi R8 Spyder Quatrro can go, and you can instead get one of the least expensive cars to insure, the Ford Edge.
  2. Discuss raising your deductible. You can always tuck some money away to pay the deductible; meanwhile, you can save up to 40 percent on your premiums.

Lose Weight for Spring How to Stay in Shape

The December holiday season brings great joy as friends and family gather to celebrate. Because these celebrations often involve special food, the holiday season also brings that not so joyful weight gain. Then Valentine’s Day comes in February and with it boxes of chocolate and other sweets. Unfortunately, by February spring is not that far off, and the desire to lose weight almost becomes the Great American Obsession in February and March.

Losing weight becomes a New Year’s Resolution. The need to lose a few pounds is a topic of conversation during lunch at the office. By February and March, lose weight becomes the cover story in magazines like Family Circle, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan. Lose weight even becomes a feature article in newspapers like The New York Times, not to mention a feature story on morning shows like “Good Morning America” on ABC.


Helping people to lose weight has become big business. Corporations like Weight Watchers International and Jenny Craig have spring up over the decades to help people lose weight. These corporations often provide support groups to dieting hopefuls. Weight Watchers food products can be found in your neighborhood supermarket to help you stay on your diet and lose weight. These prepared foods by Weight Watchers take the guesswork out of dieting with the calories counted and the size of portions controlled.

It would seem that all of these diet aides to lose weight make the mechanics of dieting easy, so why is it so difficult to lose weight? Dieting to lose weight goes beyond eating habits. It is a state of mind. What can the dieter do to lose weight by spring beyond eating the right foods? The support groups at places like Weight Watchers certainly help, but the dieter needs help to stay motivated to lose weight once he or she is home again.

Books are a great source of additional information for the dieter. These books cover a wide variety of topics ranging from fad diets to nutritional health. Many of these books are recipe books or include recipes along with motivational narrative. Yet with all these tools to support the dieter, dieting remains one of life’s big challenges.


Beyond dieting support groups and diet books, the successful dieter must form a mental image of the person they want to become. Imagine what would happen if the dieter bought a new dress or slacks that they really loved that was one size small than they were currently wearing. Of course, it would be too tight, but one size smaller would not be impossible for the dieter to wear if he or she succeeded in losing 10 pounds. What a great feeling to periodically try the outfit on and actually feel it becoming looser. Imagine how you would feel on the day it fits perfectly just in time spring!

The Software Toolkit of Comprehensive management for Businesses

Based on the actual need of business in terms of information technology applications in operation and governance, the authors of the FAST software company (FAST) have released the toolkit of enterprise management software.

The product is a set of software for enterprise management, the application of accounting, purchasing management, inventory, payroll – time card, human resource management and ERP solutions. The new software has been developed in the completely new form and is not based on any available products.


Accounting software interface of Fast Accounting in the software package of FAST

FAST software toolkit has been developed and upgraded continuously from 1997 to the present, including the tools:

  • Fast Invoice – Management and invoice printing software.
  • Fast Book – Accounting software for small and newly established businesses
  • Fast Online Accounting – Accounting software based on computing cloud for small and start-up businesses.
  • Fast Accounting – Accounting software for small and medium businesses.
  • Fast Financial – Accounting and finance management software for medium and large businesses.
  • Fast HRM – Time card – payroll – human resource management software.
  • Fast Business – ERP solution for medium and large businesses.
  • Fast Business Online – A web-based ERP solution.

After 17 years of existence and development, the product has been used in more than 10,000 businesses and now has added about 1,300 to 1,500 new customers each year. Among customers using the FAST, there are established new and small businesses to large enterprises such as VinGroup, PV Oil, Dung Quat oil refinery, Yakult Vietnam Company, Vietnam Kirby Company.

In general, the FAST’s software toolkit of business management is a finished product that has been commercialized and appreciated by customers. It has also generated sales of tens of billions each year for the company. Currently, on the market, the FAST’s products are widely known and appreciated by customers.

That is why the toolkit is selected as one of eight successful information technology products entering the final round of the Award Vietnam Talent this year by the board of examiners on Vietnam Talent awards 2014.