Based on the actual need of business in terms of information technology applications in operation and governance, the authors of the FAST software company (FAST) have released the toolkit of enterprise management software.

The product is a set of software for enterprise management, the application of accounting, purchasing management, inventory, payroll – time card, human resource management and ERP solutions. The new software has been developed in the completely new form and is not based on any available products.


Accounting software interface of Fast Accounting in the software package of FAST

FAST software toolkit has been developed and upgraded continuously from 1997 to the present, including the tools:

  • Fast Invoice – Management and invoice printing software.
  • Fast Book – Accounting software for small and newly established businesses
  • Fast Online Accounting – Accounting software based on computing cloud for small and start-up businesses.
  • Fast Accounting – Accounting software for small and medium businesses.
  • Fast Financial – Accounting and finance management software for medium and large businesses.
  • Fast HRM – Time card – payroll – human resource management software.
  • Fast Business – ERP solution for medium and large businesses.
  • Fast Business Online – A web-based ERP solution.

After 17 years of existence and development, the product has been used in more than 10,000 businesses and now has added about 1,300 to 1,500 new customers each year. Among customers using the FAST, there are established new and small businesses to large enterprises such as VinGroup, PV Oil, Dung Quat oil refinery, Yakult Vietnam Company, Vietnam Kirby Company.

In general, the FAST’s software toolkit of business management is a finished product that has been commercialized and appreciated by customers. It has also generated sales of tens of billions each year for the company. Currently, on the market, the FAST’s products are widely known and appreciated by customers.

That is why the toolkit is selected as one of eight successful information technology products entering the final round of the Award Vietnam Talent this year by the board of examiners on Vietnam Talent awards 2014.